Foods to Avoid at Your Valentine’s Day Dinner

Valentine's Day DinnerA date on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s with someone you’ve been with for a long time or a new love interest, can be a little awkward. There’s tons of pressure for the night to go perfectly, so probably the last thing on your mind is how your dinner choices could affect not only your teeth, but also your breath – all the more important on Valentine’s Day! Not to worry: at Norman Dental, we’ve put together a few recommendations to not only help your date go smoothly, but to protect your pearly whites at the same time!

Hard Candies and Cracked Teeth

One item that you should avoid eating before your date is Valentine’s Day candy. Not only are the sugars and food colors bad for our teeth, but they also tend to give us really bad breath as the sugar serves as fuel for bad-breath bacteria! Stay away from hard candies, especially. While those little candy hearts may be the candy that everyone associates with the holiday, the American Dental Association says to avoid them because the hard chalky treat could actually cause dental emergencies like cracked or broken teeth – not how you want to end your date!

Red Meat and Bad Breath

Men’s Health reports that one of the leading causes of bad breath is red meat. Eating that big, juicy steak is a treat for your palate, but it can also lead to bad bacteria building up in your teeth and gums. This Valentine’s Day, skip the steak entrée and choose something lighter or a vegetarian option instead. Foods like spinach, which is liable to get stuck in your teeth, is actually really good for you. Just make sure you swallow the whole bite before you start talking – your date will thank you later.

Alcohol Consumption and Saliva

The ADA also says on a regular day to avoid drinking too much alcohol, and that’s especially true while on your Valentine’s Day date. High levels of alcohol consumption over time can lead to decreased saliva, which can make your mouth a breeding ground for bad bacteria and could even cause infection. So keep it classy and only have a glass of wine or two – preferably a white. That way you won’t have to worry about stains from the dark red wine.

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