Flossing Unproven? We Disagree!

The dental industry was rocked recently when a story published by The Associated Press announced findings that flossing may not be as good for our teeth as we may have previously thought.

Pretty surprising, isn’t it? It surprised us, too.

In the piece, the AP reported that the departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture failed to provide them with evidence that flossing has any significant benefits for our teeth, even though we have been told – and we have been telling you – for decades that daily flossing is essential to our dental health.

FlossingStill, even though there is little evidence that proves that daily flossing can save us from the most extreme of mouth diseases, many dentists, including those from the National Institutes of Health admit that flossing can still be beneficial to our health.

And their words remain fact.

Flossing may not be glamorous, but it does offer plenty of benefits. As a matter of fact, numerous other studies prove that regular flossing can assist in reducing gum inflammation and can also result in a significant decrease in gingival bleeding.

If avoiding these undesirable situations isn’t enough, just think logically about how flossing can release all those morsels of food between your teeth. Without even discussing the benefits of removing those leftovers – which, if left in your mouth can help foster bacteria growth – just think about how much better you feel when you have clean, flossed teeth.

It is also important to remove the food between your teeth because this practice can help you to avoid problems like halitosis or bad breath. Plus, having gunk between your gumline and your teeth can result in many other periodontal diseases.

Long story short: don’t throw that dental floss out just yet. Despite these reports, most dentists – including us here at Norman Dental – still heavily recommend daily flossing as part of your regular oral hygiene routine. Flossing is an easy and inexpensive process, and even if it offers less significant benefits than previously thought, isn’t it worthwhile to do everything you can to keep your teeth and your mouth healthy?

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