couple01Ensure you have the best dental experience possible. Few other dental teams take as much pride and care to guarantee your dental technology is the safest and most advanced. Feel confident as you make educated decisions about each step of your dental care. Know that your long-term oral health is going to be addressed responsibly and professionally to save you time, money and discomfort.
Digital X-Rays

Experience all the benefits of digital x-rays, a technological advancement providing you with higher quality images and increased safety from the reduction in radiation exposure. Unlike traditional, film-based x-rays, digital x-rays show more visible detail and can be archived in your dental record for future reference. Because digital x-rays are very efficient, you enjoy a more comfortable visit with less waiting and faster treatment.


This state-of-the-art technology allows us to find the toughest cavities in their earliest stages. With Diagnodent, cavities can be detected on the chewing surfaces of back teeth, even when they are just beginning and would have been missed by previous detection methods. Diagnodent is a small, portable laser unit that detects the cavity and alerts your dental team with an audible signal and a numerical readout, providing detailed information about the cavity’s size. This advanced tool helps us stop cavities in their infancy before they create larger problems – saving you time, money and discomfort.

Cosmetic Imaging

Are you debating about a treatment? Would your decision be easier if you could have a preview of how the procedure would enhance your appearance? With cosmetic imaging, you can see this possible change before your procedure even begins. Enjoy this technology designed to help educate you to make the best decision for your oral health and overall appearance. Visualize how your smile will improve then make the right investment for the future of your teeth.

Intra Oral Camera

Quit relying on small mirrors, flashlights and pulling back your tender cheek. With an intraoral camera, you see exactly what your Norman Dental team sees during treatment planning and dental procedures. You have a greater understanding of your oral health and of our recommended treatments. Our dental team uses this technology to discuss treatment options with you and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Caesy Education System

Wondering what your treatment exactly involves? Now you can visualize, in detail, the steps of the procedure you are about to undergo. We have invested in the revolutionary Caesy Education System for you! Caesy Education System is a patient learning system that allows Dr. Norman to use high-quality graphics to show you each step of your recommended procedure. This information furnishes you with the complete knowledge and understanding of the treatment you need in order to help you make the best decisions for your teeth and gums.


OralDNA is a simple and advanced system designed to help detect or assess your risk of contracting periodontal diseas. The system works by identifying the specific types of bacteria present in your mouth. Using the results from your test, Dr. Norman can design a plan of treatment specific to your individual needs. As with all diseases, early detection is key to receiving fast treatment and a positive prognosis. You will only need to swish a saline solution in your mouth for about 30 seconds. This will provide Dr. Norman with a sample of your saliva which is then sent to a lab for processing.

When the results are returned, Dr. Norman will provide you with your diagnosis and his treatment recommendations to restore or maintain your health!

Cone Beam 3D Imaging

Understanding the unique composition of your smile is vital to a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Enjoy the latest digital x-ray technology at Norman Dental – Cone Beam 3D Imaging. Unlike flat, two-dimensional x-rays, Cone Beam images provide a 3D digital replica of the bones and tissue of your face, teeth, jaw and head. Your computerized image is easily manipulated, allowing your dental team to zoom on specific areas, view your scan from various angles and ultimately understand the complete makeup of your smile. This understanding is extremely useful when your Norman Dental team is planning dental implant treatments, as well as many other restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. Best of all, your Cone Beam scan is painless, takes only 10 seconds and safely operates with a lower dose of radiation than a traditional CT scan. The imaging system’s scanner rotates around your head one complete circle. Enjoy a truly customized treatment plan based on your exact dental needs!

Click the video below to learn more about our Cone Beam X-Ray Procedure