Services: Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you dreaming of a perfect smile?

Cosmetic Dental Services in Greensboro NCCreating your beautiful smile requires technical excellence and an artistic eye – Norman Dental combines both to create a unique result based on your individual characteristics with our cosmetic dentistry.

Our Doctors Can Correct Numerous Dental Problems Such As:

  • crooked teeth
  • spaces between your teeth
  • stained or discolored teeth
  • chipped teeth
  • broken or missing teeth
  • “gummy” smiles

At Norman Dental, you can enjoy healthy, beautiful teeth for a lifetime. We work with products like Invisalign® perform treatments such as dental porcelain veneers to produce your desired smile makeover.

Our expert cosmetic dental team looks forward to working with you to create the smile of your dreams.

Contact us at (336) 282-2120 today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how our cosmetic dentistry can help you.

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Are you wishing for straight teeth without the use of uncomfortable brackets or wires? If so, straighten your teeth without noticeable metal braces through Invisalign® – an FDA-approved system that uses clear, removable aligners to straighten your teeth.

Visualize your dream smile and end results before you even begin treatment! Invisalign® uses 3D computer imaging that maps out your entire treatment plan in advance. Then, using the imaging, a series of custom aligners are created that will move teeth incrementally. Replace each aligner every two weeks with the next aligner in your custom sequence. Average treatment time to transform your misaligned teeth into a brilliant, straight smile ranges from six-to-12 months. In fact, most people never even notice you are undergoing treatment… all they see are your gorgeous results!

Porcelain Veneers

How can you achieve an overall radiant smile using a conservative approach? With porcelain veneers, you are able to change the shape, size, and color of your teeth in just two visits. Rejuvenate your smile, make dramatic improvements, and solve problems, such as:

  • chipped teeth
  • crooked teeth
  • gaps in teeth
  • dull or stained teeth

Your Norman Dental team skillfully bonds and shapes thin strips of porcelain to your existing teeth, creating a straight, brilliant smile that enhances your appearance and your self-esteem. Enjoy selecting the right shape and shade of your porcelain veneers for a completely custom look that matches your natural beauty.

Tooth Whitening

Are stains and discolored teeth keeping you from enjoying the confidence that comes from having a bright, white smile? If you are happy with the alignment and spacing of your teeth, a tooth whitening procedure may be all that separates you from a dazzling smile. Tooth whitening at Norman Dental is safe, effective, and long lasting.

When it comes to tooth whitening, you need a custom solution – not an over-the-counter, “one size fits all” approach. Based on the current shade of your teeth and on the level of whitening you desire, your Normal Dental team combines custom home-whitening kits with an exclusive whitening plan designed to meet your specific goals. This advanced system is supervised by our team to achieve better, faster results. Trust Norman Dental because we use professional grade whitening gels, while carefully monitoring your gum and tooth health.Watch in amazement as your stains fade, the discoloration disappears, and a bright, white smile emerges! To learn more about whitening read our recent blog here.

Porcelain Bridges

Losing just one tooth, not to mention several teeth, causes significant changes to the look and function of your smile and jaw. Missing teeth alter the way you chew, cause mouth pain, and create gaps and spaces between other teeth that can cause major problems with your bite. Consider a porcelain bridge to stop your dental problems early before others have a chance to begin. Your porcelain bridge is custom designed by your doctor at Norman Dental to keep your smile aligned and your bite functional. Bridges are anchored to existing teeth on either side of the missing tooth. As semi-permanent solutions, they can only be affixed or removed by a dentist and are a long-term restorative solution to your damaged smile.

Porcelain Crowns

The forces of daily tooth grinding, chewing, talking, and biting can slowly wear down your teeth – not to mention the damage illness or injury can cause! Erase years of wear and tear with porcelain crowns. Sometimes called “caps,” porcelain crowns are customized for you, covering broken, cracked, chipped, or discolored teeth. After preparation of the tooth that will receive the crown, your doctor will position a custom-milled, lifelike porcelain crown over your damaged tooth. Enjoy all the benefits of a porcelain crown, including:

  • Durable, strength, and longevity
  • Enhanced appearance and function of your smile
    Instantly-added beauty to your smile
  • Restored and rejuvenated overall oral health


Looking for a simple enhancement to correct chipped teeth, broken teeth, discolored teeth, or even gaps between your teeth? Bonding may be the perfect solution for you. Your dentist gently applies and adheres a tooth-colored material to the surface of your tooth, without reducing its integrity and structure. Norman Dental custom sculpts, shades, and shapes the material to create your new, natural-looking tooth – free of past problems!

Gum Contouring

When you smile, you want the world to see beauty, joy, and confidence – not gum tissue. Gummy smiles can be embarrassing and can reduce your ability to freely show the world your happiness. Today, there are treatments available to cosmetically enhance your smile, as well as the look of your gums. With gum contouring and porcelain veneers, your gummy smile disappears, revealing a natural, beautiful smile that looks proportioned. The entire process takes just a few visits, so call Norman Dental today!

Smile Makeover

Do you think that you have too many cosmetic dental issues to fix or that your problems are too severe? Do you feel that a gorgeous, Hollywood smile is just out of your reach? At Normal Dental, the answer is “Absolutely not!” YOU can have the entire smile of your dreams through Norman Dental’s full smile makeovers! First, sit down and explain to our dental team your ideal smile. Then, allow us to create a customized smile enhancement plan tailored specifically for you, while ensuring that you reach your unique oral health and smile goals. And, through the use of cosmetic imaging, you will see the results before having any of the work done. Contact Norman Dental today to begin your custom process to a gorgeous, white, straight, and full smile!